5 Reasons Why Horses are Great Friends

I remember when I was still in grade school. I had a friend named Sylvia and back then she was my best friend. We loved the same things, we have the same hobbies, we share the same love for movies and music.

As we grow older, unfortunately, we moved to different schools and have parted ways eventually. But until now, I still treasure those memories we had. Why? Because it is rare to find that someone who can be a true friend. People will come and go in your life, but there a few who you will keep in your heart.  

Friendships are one of those relationships that make our lives worthwhile. They are those who will pick up the phone at 3 am when you call because they know you need someone to talk to. Or someone who will pick you up at some location 2 hours away from them because your car broke down. Thesymbolize trust, and we care for them as much as our own family. There are also those kinds of friendship where our BFF is a four-legged, majestic creature, with whom we dedicate our time and efforts in. I am talking about our horses. But what makes them such great companions and friends? Below are some of the reasons why I believe they are more than just pets. 

     1. Horses can teach you things about yourself you did not know. 

Caring for them teaches a lot of things, one of them is how compassionate we can be. To always make sure they have enough care and love every day of their lives and ours sure teaches us how much we can be for others aside from ourselves. They train us to be better persons when we thought it was us training them.  

  1. Your social life can be linked to your love of horses.

Because of our passion for horses, there's a big possibility that you will also be acquainted with other horse owners that share the same enthusiasm as we have for these magnificent creatures. And as we see how others share their bond with their horses, we ourselves get even closer to our own and see how special each and every horse is. Our horse helps us become more open to other people, which is beneficial to some who has a hard time socializing. 

  1. Horses can help you build your self-confidence.

I remember when I was still starting to ride, I was just a fearful adolescent who is intimidated by the thought of being on top of an animal as big as a horse. Back then I was also so afraid and always thinks that I am not doing the right thing. As I keep on training, I realized there is more to me that I thought I have. I began to realize I am capable of keeping track while also gaining the trust of my accompanying horse. And such confidence is applicable even when I am away from the stables. 

Best Friends

  1. Horses are also great entertainers. 

I for one know horses can be funny. There are games we can play with them and they would run and gallop around like big dogs and would just be adorable. You may not be able to see it in their faces, but their actions show that they are happy and are enjoying the time with you as much as you enjoy time with them. This kind of bonding can be good for our own well-being, as it promotes fun and establishes an even deeper bond with our horses. 

  1. Horses offer you freedom 

That wonderful feeling, while you are riding with the wind, is something all horse riders know. And that's what our horses give us as they gallop through those wild fields or inside the track. In that moment, we allow ourselves to be immersed in the power of nature and that creates trust. Not only to our horse friends but also trust in ourselves that we can be carefree and be happy.  


Whatever the reasons are for you being a horse lover, one fact remains that we simply cannot help but love them. And they help us be better versions of ourselves, which is what real friends do, bring out the best in us. Without a need for any words, they show us how we can be gentle, happy and caring as we develop and find out about our own talents. This just goes to show that man and animals can be great friends and can live a wonderful life together. After all, we all belong to this world and must rely on each other to be able to survive. Most especially, when we have our best friends by our sides.  

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How about you? Why do you consider your horse, not just a companion but also a friend? Share us your story and leave a comment below.  


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