about the designers

Irina was born into a family of adventurous spirits, parents who founded a travel agency. This gave her the opportunity to experience a variety of cultures and sights from a young age, which was instrumental in shaping her artistic vision. In addition to jewelry design and retail store concepts, she also dabbles in creative writing, inventions, and art projects. Irina's award-winning career in the retail industry began with the development of specialty stores known for their unique merchandise and visual impact. This project is especially meaningful as it provides her with the chance to work side-by-side with her daughter. In addition to the artistic endeavors, Irina is also a philanthropist and a strong advocate for animal rights, dedicating her time and resources to support various causes.

Fairen is a San Diego native entering her freshman year of college. Growing up, her family has always been passionate about the environment and taken small steps to reduce their carbon footprint. From seeking out sustainable practices to promoting eco-friendly habits, Fairen has been inspired by her family's dedication to sustainability. In her free time, she loves to paint, take nature walks, play games with friends, write, and visit the beach. Everwild has given her the opportunity to work on a special project with her mom, with the aim of creating a global impact through designs that will help expand her family's eco-friendly habits for generations to come. She believes that, together, we can make a positive difference and create a greener tomorrow.