Hidden Messages

There's something kind of fun about wearing something that looks like a pretty piece of jewelry, but also holds a secret message or meaning that serves to empower or inspire. When most people think of jewelry, they think of something pretty that can be worn to enhance an outfit. However, jewelry can also serve as a powerful tool for communication. In fact, some pieces of jewelry are designed with hidden or secret messages embedded into the design (like the entire Touchstone collection). These messages can be anything from a declaration of love to a snarky statement. There is power and pleasure in jewelry with hidden messages, as they can make a statement about who you are as a person.
One of the things that makes jewelry with hidden messages so special is the fact that they can be used to communicate something that you might not be able to say out loud. For example, if you are in a relationship but you're not ready to come out publicly, you could wear a piece of jewelry with a hidden message that only your partner would understand. The Touchstone 'Beloved' ring does just that - it can be a promise or subtle but powerful declaration of love from the giver to the wearer. By running a finger along the set stones, the wearer knows it spells out BELOVED in Braille, the language of the visually impaired. This can be a great way to show your love and commitment without having to say anything. Additionally, jewelry with hidden messages can also be used to make a personal social statement. For example, I like to wear my YOU GOT THIS bracelet to keep me feeling capable and on track. To anyone else it's a pretty and sparkly cuff bracelet, but to me it's my mantra. By creating a secret word or statement that needs to be 'felt' to be read, this in effect codes the message for the wearer.
Jewelry with hidden messages is not only powerful, but it can also be quite beautiful. There are many different ways to incorporate hidden messages into jewelry design. Some designers choose to use secret codes or symbols that only those in the know will understand. Others opt for more obvious designs, such as jewelry with charms or talismans. No matter what the design, jewelry with hidden messages is sure to make a statement.
So often we are looking to find the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, and the desire to have something personal is high on the list of desirability. Even a simple I Love You hidden in a design packs it with so much more value than just the piece itself. What better way to show you know and love someone, than to give them a piece of jewelry with a hidden message that is special and unique to them?
People love to know something that others do not and secret message jewelry is a perfect way to have this. Want to encourage a new graduate or someone who needs a boost of confidence? a LIMITLESS pendant might be perfect. Someone who is a true BADASS? You can keep that label right on their wrist or neckline as a reminder of their awesomeness.
The next time you are looking for the perfect gift, consider jewelry with a hidden message. You might be surprised at just how powerful it can be. What hidden message would you want to wear? We really want to know!

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