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Ranch and Coast Magazine September 2023We are thrilled to announce that Everwild Brands has been featured in the latest issue of Ranch and Coast Magazine.
The article highlights designer and co-owner, Irina Rachow, and her dedication to providing high-quality pieces of jewelry that are evocative of everyone's individual journey, or personality, and connection to others.

Idle time during the pandemic stirred Irina's creative juices and Everwild Designs was born knowing that her mission couldn't be achieved with one jewelry line alone!

Working alongisde her daughter, Fairen, different artistic Jewelry Brands were launched under Everwild, each going down different artistic lanes to give each one its own unique essence.

Everwild Designs The first design created was wolf cuff ring from Everwild, inspired by her son and the collections grew from there. The top-selling Rider’s Prayer necklace can be found in the Dark Horse collection. Saints and Saviors line leans into medieval elements like fluer-de-lis, crosses and elegant script. Growing in popularity are pieces in her Touchstone collection, feature inspiring ‘hidden’ messages in Braille.

Saints and Saviors and Touchstone Jewelry Brands

The most popular collection is PickleBelle, jewelry for pickleball enthusiasts, and the sister line, LoveMatch, which offers comparable pieces for tennis fans.Lovematch and Picklebelle Jewelry Designs

National Wildlife Federation

 You can feel good about supporting the Everwild brands. Forging a partnership with the National Wildlife Federation, Irina commits a portion of her profits to adopting and retiring farm land. Everytime someone buys a piece of jewelry, it's going toward locking down acreage across our country and keeping it FOREVER WILD.

We are honored to be recognized by such a reputable publication and look forward to continuing to bring our customers the best possible products. Thank you to Ranch and Coast Magazine for the feature!

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