Irina Rachow

In her early 20’s she discovered her entrepreneurial drive and started up businesses in award design and retail specialty stores. 30 years on, she has realized her passion for expression through designing jewelry.

You can find aspects of her learning and personality in every collection: Everwild, the namesake jewelry, pays homage to her respect for the natural world with realistic wildlife designs. Touchstone hides personal messages for the wearer in plain sight, Dark Horse is a nod to the world of the equestrian and Saints & Saviors is home to beautiful iconic designs of faith, myth and mysticism, designed from a place of deep spiritual contemplation.

Each piece from every collection is meant to convey a deep respect for the interconnectivity of all living things, personal messages for the soul and spirit, or a fresh interpretation of our icons throughout the ages.

 Irina designs with the intention to create a bridge between living our best lives and helping our fellow man (and animal) along the way. The ability to work with her daughter adds joy to the entire process. The final goal is to bring awareness, compassion and activism to anyone who feels the resonance of the Everwild message.