Our flagship collection that started it all.

Inspired by nature and designed with passion for the wolf, eagle, dragonfly, or hart, that lives within us all and encourages us to connect with what truly makes us wild. Every piece in Everwild has been created with a deep respect for our natural spaces and truest selves. Talisman jewelry with personal messages that lift your mood and remind us of just how extraordinary we truly are.

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Designed for the Belle of the pickleBall!

Be the Belle of the pickleball! When we are not designing you can usually find us on a court dinking, volleying and just having a great time with friends. Our passion for the sport has led us to create a jewelry brand designed for pickleball players everywhere. Realistic and whimsical, dainty or bold - these make a super gift for any pickleball players and enthusiasts both on an off the court!

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Saints & Saviors

Jewelry for the romantics at heart.

We have worked with symbolism found in the history of kings and queens, heroes and scoundrels. Discover the inspirational messages in storybook rings, icons of faith and protection, from the Gods of the past to the celestial bodies above. This collection is designed remind us that love is what makes this crazy life worthwhile and inpiring us to love ourselves as much as we love others.

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Dark Horse

We like to think certain jewelry connects you to your adventurous soul, reinforces your faith, brings a spot of luck and promotes a little bit of horseplay! Dark Horse is comprised of many one-of-a-kind handmade pieces created with this in mind, plus equestrian styles and limited editions with a bit of an edge. Like a true dark horse, you never know how amazing it is until it shows up and blows you away.

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We developed the Touchstone collections as a way to keep personal messages close while maintaining a wee bit of privacy. It's beautiful jewelry that contains 'hidden' messages spelled out in the Braille language set into rings, bracelets and pendants with diamonds and other semi-precious stones that you can just pass your finger over to 'read'. From Beloved to Badass, you can keep your sentiments close while keeping them just private enough. Makes a 'touching' gift.

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We have paired contemporary style with timeless tradition to create
elegant jewelry made especially for tennis players, the perfect Love

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